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Please let us know your impression about the countdown. Or how we can improve it.

  • If you need new functionality
  • or improvements in usability.
  • If you can help with extra languages.
  • Maybe you have good ideas to improve the hardware?

Please sent a mail to feedback@archeryclock.com


If you use the countdown with your own logo, please sent a screenshot. We are collecting the screenshots. (and off course we are also interested in the usage of this countdown).



The following people contributed to ArcheryClock:

  • Henk Jegers (initial version, Dutch translation).
  • Yann Morère (Linux support, French translation).
  • Marco Magnanelli (Spanish translation).
  • Dennis Allerkamp (German translation).
  • Eduardo del Piano (Italian Translation).
  • Paolo Neri (Italian Translation / color scheme).
  • Gájer Szilárd (Hungarian Translation).
  • Nick Raptis (Greek Translation).
  • Claus Pedersen (Danish Translation).
  • Magnus Grabski (Swedish Translation).
  • Kalev Palling (Estonian Translation).
  • Vlastimil Schindler (Slovak Translation).
  • Rubens Mattos (Portuguese Translation).
  • Zbigniew Austyn (Polish Translation).
  • Mikhail Edelstein (Russian Translation).
  • Tomáš Ružicka (Czech Translation).
  • Joakim stegeby (Swedish Translation).
  • Dave Nesbitt (PCB design US).
  • Peter Holt (PCB design EU).
  • Dimitri Brosse (French Translation).
  • Ziyang Chen (Chinese Translation).


Schützengilde Hechingen Handboogvereniging DE MEIERIJERS. Lunion Boxtel
A.S.D. Ypsilon Arco Club Geronimo Zeist Kishwaukee Archers
Lunion Liempde Kenosha Bowmen Archery Service Center
Arcieri del Marghine Peterborough Archers clubsagitta
Ligue D'alger de tir sportif COMPAGNIE D'ARC CLOCA ACHERES HBV Ontspanning
Detroit Archers> CTA. Tartessos  
De alpenjagers sittard Arco club Capri
Willem Tell SC, Hoensbroek Linnan Sulka
Bangor and District archery club Arcieri Vigevano
VHV Viersel Algemene Schietsportvereniging Prins Willem Alexander in Hulshorst  


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